For whom?


You have technology and want to create business with it?  

Your patent division needs to rationalize its patent portfolio?

Your company aims to explore new markets?


PatentVision scans over 90 million patents worldwide at

lightningspeed. It offers you an insight on the  value of your

technology for new industries and markets. Our data-mining is

interpreted by a team of multi-disciplinary experts, and results

in a 360° view on the potential of your patents. Don’t miss out

on your future business!



Key Advantages of the PatentVision opportunity scan:

  • Save time & money :
    Get a quick scan in two weeks’ time, make elaborated decisions on protecting and exploiting your intellectual property.

  • Generate extra revenue:
    Create new market value with your existing technology at minimum costs.

  • Quick and detailed data-mining:
    Our tools are non-biased and visualize undiscovered opportunities.

  • Ambitious glance of the future:
    Create business in promising lucrative industries.

  • Sustainable future:
    Build business by recycling what you already have and apply it out of your box.


More information?

PatentVision was developed in-house by tech and innovation agency Thingit.

Contact us at alby@thingit.be

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Everybody knows the classic routes, but Patentvision has a whole new approach. They search opportunities using a totally different angle.

Filip Legein, CEO, Europlasma

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Through the PatentVision patent intelligence techniques, a lot of new opportunities of which we wouldn't think ourselves, presented themselves.

Bart Weymeels, Business Developer, Devan Chemicals